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Graphic Novels: Collecting, Cataloging and Outreach in an Academic Library
Journal of Academic Librarianship (2017)
  • Aimee Slater, Brandeis University
  • Ann Kardos, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Most major US universities have graphic novels in their library collections. Titles like Maus ( Spiegelman, 1986) and Persepolis ( Satrapi, 2004) have become staples in the stacks for their academic relevance and accessible style of delivering information through visually striking art. While some libraries have comprehensive collections and budgets to support them, many do not and thus have a collection that lacks cohesion and scope. The Brandeis University collection fell into that latter category, and we aimed to correct that. But beyond titles that have achieved scholarly notoriety and critical acclaim, like Maus and Persepolis, how does an academic library with little to no comprehensive collection create one and how does it engage students with acquired titles?
  • metadata,
  • cataloging,
  • graphic novels,
  • outreach,
  • collection development
Publication Date
March, 2017
Citation Information
Aimee Slater and Ann Kardos. "Graphic Novels: Collecting, Cataloging and Outreach in an Academic Library" Journal of Academic Librarianship Vol. 43 Iss. 2 (2017) p. 116 - 120
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