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About Associate Professor Anja Scheffers

Associate Professor Anja Scheffers DSc(Duisburg-Essen) PhD(Duisburg-Essen)
Anja's main area of research is coastal evolution, including sea-level change, and marine physical natural hazards. Her research specialises in using sedimentary signatures to decipher long-term records of environmental change from the natural environment. She undertakes research in examining the long-term history (spanning the past 6000 years) of natural hazards such as tropical cyclone storm inundations tsunamis and coastal erosion, and the implications of this work for coastal management and state and local government policies and Acts relating to coastal development in temperate to tropical regions. Long-term records are a critical component of hazard risk assessment because they display the full variability (frequency and magnitude) of the hazard. Post-event surveys of extreme hazard events are also an important aspect of her research. Beside the emphasis on coastal environments she focuses on environmental change in high mountain areas (landslides) and glacial environments where she has extensive experience within the European Alps, the high Andes of South America and Western Greenland.
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