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Reconciling Peace with Justice - A Cooperative Division of Labor
  • Anita B Frohlich, National University, San Diego

In the light of the ever increasing number of conflicts, it is indispensable to conceive new ways to restore peace and justice. This article develops an integrative model emphasizing the shared responsibility of both the international community and the countries struggling with the problems of transitional justice in bringing about a just and peaceful world. The model combines historical experience with current developments in the field of transitional justice. Inspired by the Nuremberg trials, the model points out the important role the International Criminal Court should play in prosecuting and punishing the most heinous perpetrators. The denazification procedures introduced by the occupational authorities in Germany served as template for describing the measures to be taken by the struggling democracies themselves. The article concludes with outlining the application of the model to three current examples.

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Anita B Frohlich. "Reconciling Peace with Justice - A Cooperative Division of Labor" SUFFOLK TRANSNAT'L L. REV. Vol. 30 (2007)
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