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Interdisciplinarity: The Road Ahead for Education in Digital Libraries
D-Lib Magazine (2002)
  • Anita S. Coleman, University of Arizona
This article reviews the state of education in digital libraries and curriculum planning documents from professional associations in two areas: Library and Information Science; and Computing. It examines suggestions for integration and interdisciplinarity in education for digital libraries curricula using definitions of a discipline, interdisciplinarity, and the transdisciplinary structure of a university in order to discover how such integration may be successfully accomplished. A plan to use learning communities and develop an interdisciplinary curriculum for Knowledge Organization is briefly discussed.
Publication Date
July, 2002
Publisher Statement
This article originally appeared in D-Lib Magazine, 8, 7/8, 2002. ©2002 Corporation for National Research Initiatives. This work can also be found online at this link

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Citation Information
Anita S. Coleman. "Interdisciplinarity: The Road Ahead for Education in Digital Libraries" D-Lib Magazine Vol. 8 Iss. 7/8 (2002) ISSN: 1082-9873
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