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About Anise K Strong

Anise K. Strong studies Roman social history, gender and sexuality in the ancient world, and the reception of classical culture in modern mass media. She received her Ph.D. in Classical Studies from Columbia University and her B.A. (cum laude) from Yale University in Classical Civilization. She has taught a wide variety of history and classics courses at both Stanford and Northwestern University. Professor Strong is currently revising her book manuscript, which is entitled Roman Women and the Construction of Virtue: Wicked Wives and Good Whores. Recent articles include Roman toleration of ancient incest, sexuality in the HBO series "Rome," the treatment of ethnic intermarriage in Herodotus's Histories, and a comparison of mothers who prostitute their daughters in ancient legal and literary texts. She has also presented at multiple major conferences, including five times at the American Philological Association annual meeting.
Professor Strong focuses on the intricacies of Roman social structure and the roles played by marginal figures and social outcasts in the Roman world. Her source material has ranged from Roman bedroom paintings to graffiti fragments, love poetry, and pedagogical handbooks, as well as more traditional works of literature.


Present Assistant Professor, Western Michigan University

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4414 Friedmann Hall,
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, MI, 49008