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My Daughter's Friend
Personal (2020)
  • Anime Bingot
It's been a long time since I've had a good fuck like one of the good guys. 

But it was not strange that I liked Yossy, I always liked Dánica's friends, almost all her friends were cute.


But since Yossy had not seen one so cute. 

I always liked Gino, he was a jovial boy, he is 20 years old, but I have known him since he was 2 years old and also his parents of course. 

Since last year I have seen Yossy many times at Sofia's house. 

It was incredible to see her bathing in the sea, I smoked like 4 cigarettes excited to see her.

That day I found out that he had been dating Gino since August of last year, but that they have only been a formal couple since the end of January. 

April 2001

It is incredible what happens to me every time I see Yossy, my cock gets huge, my heart speeds up and I even want to masturbate at my age, it is that he walks with a sensuality that only the Goddesses know how to do, his Ass is amazing, her beautiful legs, her spectacular breasts, I'm dying to put my hand on that little waistband.

I think it will fall someday, you can see that I like him, because he laughs very enthusiastically every time I joke with him. 

So far I have only felt her hands and her delicate shoulders when I greet or say goodbye to her. 

I am trying to impact her and it seems that I am achieving something, because the day we were on the beach of the club, I could notice the attention she paid me when I spoke to her and Dánica, at the time we had lunch, she talked about my trips, about His career, from the companies he worked for, one of the valuable things I have is the ease of speaking, I have impressed many people with that and Yossy is not going to be the exception. 

That day I talked about many things to impact her, the advantage I had of being with my daughter was that all the time she would blow me up, and I made the most of it. 

That same day Yossy told me that she was about to buy a second-hand car, since she had saved some savings from when she participated in fashion shows as a model since she was 14 years old.

That seduced me even more about her, that meant that from the age of 14 she had that spectacular body. 

Upon arriving at Sofia's house, the girls went up to Dánica's room, Sofia was not at home, so I started watching television in her studio, smoking a cigarette, I wanted to wait for Yossy to return to her house to take her, but to My bad luck then came down changed and said they were going to go out in Dánica's car. 

That day was Friday, the next day it was Dánica's birthday and he was going to see a party at Sofia's house.

As it could not be otherwise, I attended Dánica's birthday, the house was full of brats, Yossy was beautiful with a rather high skirt, white color and a well-cut black chick. 

The next day I visited them at around 12 noon and found Yossy and Dánica in the pool. 

The week after Dánica's birthday, I called her on the phone to find out how she was doing, she told me that she had just arrived from classes and that she was accompanied by Yossy, it was around 11 in the morning, she also told me that her mother was not in home, then the light went on, I told him to come to my apartment for lunch to accompany me. 

And it is that Yossy was right, because it was with my cousin Gisel, that I lost my virginity at age 16.

Then the food came, I served without letting them intervene, Yossy made comments about how attentive he was and Dánica made me burst. 

Yossy was too exciting, he couldn't lose her, he was going to start making a plan. 

Days later, she would receive an invitation for the marriage of Julián's older son, Sofía's brother, which would take place at the end of May.

May 2001 Now I feel like the king of the world and it is no wonder.

At the beginning of this month Yossy broke up with Gino, well Dánica says that they had a very strong discussion and it was Gino who ended the relationship. 

So I thought that at that time it was not appropriate to take my plan for a walk, I thought of comforting Yossy, but Dánica said that she was at home without going anywhere and that she even missed classes and would visit her tomorrow to comfort her. 

Two weeks later Dánica told me that Yossy had recovered something, that he had spoken to Gino, but that Gino no longer wanted to know anything about Yossy. 

The day of the wedding came, from Dánica's cousin, which would take place on Saturday at noon, I contacted her and she told me that she had convinced Yossy to accompany her to relax.

I met them at the church they came accompanied by Sofia. 

Already at the reception, in Julián's huge house, we were at a Dánica table, Yossy, a cousin of Dánica and another couple, his wife and me. 

We drank some champagne, then we had lunch, then we drank whiskey, then we continued with the champagne. 

In that Dánica as it was a little surprised, she approached Yossy and tried to convince her to stay, Yossy doubted something, she looked at me and I winked at her, inside she was begging me not to listen to Dánica. 

We walked to my truck laughing at how boring that party was, I told her that every party in Julián's family had always had those characteristics. 

Upon arriving at the apartment she entered the bathroom, was about 2 minutes, then came out and sat on the sofa, while I played some soft music. 

She desperately called Gino about two days in a row, to her house, to her cell phone, but she hung up so as not to hear her. 

When she spoke to me, she delighted me by looking at her somewhat melancholic face, then she looked down at her shaped breasts and then at her legs, she told me looking towards the emptiness. 

So I told him to try to forget it, that the best way was to have fun, go for a walk, visit old friends, that he was not the first person in the world to whom this happened. 

The music was very romantic, when he returned he said smiling "how boring the party was", I told him that I had never been to such a boring party before. 

When I woke up Yossy pushed me aside, raised her torso, covering her breasts with the bedspread, I began to caress her back, "how about a doll?" I said, she looked at me and smiled only, adjusting her hair, I ran my hands over her face and her eyes, brought her to me, laid her head on my chest and caressed my arms. 

On Monday, I called her at around 7 at night arriving from work, she answered herself, "Hello doll" I said "hello" she said, "How are you?" 

So on Wednesday I called her from my office at around 5 in the afternoon. 

I arrived at my house around 7:50, prepared a bottle of wine and waited for it, arrived at 8:30, punctually, I was with a light blue jean and a red stuck polito, we sat on the sofa, I served him a cup, we talked the odd nonsense and we kissed and in seconds we were back in bed naked kissing each other passionately, I kissed her entire body from head to toe, I ran my tongue all over her back, on her buttocks, I put her mouth back upstairs and I could not believe having her in my bed and all for me, showing me that delicious little shell which was ready to be savored, I opened her legs and brought my face closer to that little handful of hairs, Yossy understood, then she settled and opened more the legs and I started to lick, it was lovely that taste of young and hot juices, we got excited a lot, there I was savoring it,making her moan and sigh until she got her first orgasm, good grief, what a delicious pussy !, then I got on top of her because now it was my turn to finish, I penetrated her and pumped her for several minutes, because she stopped when she felt I came, it was delicious to be penetrating that juicy vagina, I was enjoying that beautiful body like I had never enjoyed before in my life, Yossy came twice more before me, I had an incredible orgasm, we both screamed with pleasure.I was enjoying that beautiful body like I had never enjoyed before in my life, Yossy came to come twice more before me, I had an incredible orgasm, we both screamed with pleasure.I was enjoying that beautiful body like I had never enjoyed before in my life, Yossy came to come twice more before me, I had an incredible orgasm, we both screamed with pleasure.

We rested and then he began to kiss my chest, I began to massage his buttocks, he sat on me opening his legs, he took my cock with his hands and in moments it was hard and big again, he accommodated it in his vaginal entrance and we began to fornicate again, she moved from top to bottom, jumping, until she had her completely inside, making our bodies sound with the movement from the blows that her buttocks gave to my thighs and also making sticky sounds of her juices with my semen because in a moment it began to move quickly putting her doll face with an expression of pleasure getting excited in an incredible way. 

When we woke up, we caressed each other and kissed, Yossy was an incredible woman, I asked her if she really enjoyed doing it with me, she answered yes, she couldn't believe she was doing it with her friend's father. 

After sleeping, we spoke again. 

I pushed him for like 2 more minutes, stopping from time to time, until he ejaculated and left his ass full of sperm, but only a little more than half came in, it was amazing. 

I felt like an accomplished man, I felt like I owned the world, there would be no better dust than this, at this age I don't know how I could resist this dust, but it was spectacular.

I didn't see her for like two weeks. 

Since that time we have not stopped talking on the phone and we have already planned to have another great pleasure date very soon.

Great the day Yossy met my daughter.
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