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Motivating Factors for the Adoption of Mobile Government (M-Government): A Case Study of M-government Users in Nigeria
  • Professor Aniebiet Inyang Ntui, University of Calabar, Nigeria
  • Abel Usoro, Ritman University
  • Dr. Santiago Matalonga, University of the West of Scotland
  • Olugbenga Wilson Adejo
  • Anietie Ekanem
To investigate the use of m-government and identify factors that may influence the adoption of m-government in Nigeria from citizens’ perspective so as to recommend how to increase the adoption. Secondary study included the investigation of Davis (1989) Technology Acceptance Model and enhancing it with other factors. A research model was developed and operationalized into a 46-item Likert scale questionnaire in addition to 5 demographic questions and a provision for an open-ended response. Two questions were reverse coded to test to inconsistent (invalid) responses. Part A of the questionnaire was directed to users of m-government and Part B to non-users. The questionnaire was validated by the University of the West of Scotland Ethics Committee. It was also pilot tested before it was distributed electronically and with hard copies to a cross section of Nigerian society. 126 questionnaires were returned and after getting read of the ones with massive item non-responses and inconsistent responses, 122 questionnaires were used for analysis – 78 from users and 44 from non-users. This paper concentrates on the findings of users. Figure 1 below is the research model that was used: Perceived usefulness, influence, facilitating conditions and attitude significantly correlate with use of m-government whereas perceived ease of use, compatibility and self-efficacy. Causation of the significant factors on use was not significant. Research limitations/ Implications (if applicable) Limited sample of 78. A wider follow-up study is necessary to among others re-examine the causation mentioned above.
Publication Date
August 30, 2019
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Aniebiet Inyang Ntui, Abel Usoro, Santiago Matalonga, Olugbenga Wilson Adejo, et al.. "Motivating Factors for the Adoption of Mobile Government (M-Government): A Case Study of M-government Users in Nigeria" (2019)
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