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An Introduction to Philosophy and Theology within Catholic Liberal Education
  • Angus Brook, University of Notre Dame Australia
Readers  of  this  volume,  but  very  particularly,  our  students,  are  invited  to  engage  with  some  of  the 
pivotal ideas we work with in our Logos programme, the core curriculum of the Sydney campus of the
University of Notre Dame Australia, in which students and teachers converse about some of the most
fundamental ideas taken from the Western tradition of thought within philosophy and theology. In the
Logos classroom, students from every discipline within the university participate in lively discussions that
contribute to what we understand to be the mission of Notre Dame Australia as a Catholic university.
Namely, we educate out of a desire for the happiness of those we are privileged to teach, and with the
intent  to  give  them  the  opportunity  to  live  fully  flourishing  lives  as  citizens  of  a  political  society  and 
productive workers and professionals. Above all, we hope that they may flourish as persons in community.
The Logos programme is intended to give them a taste of how that communal flourishing might happen.
  • philosophy,
  • theology,
  • liberal education
Publication Date
Angus Brook
McGraw Hill
Citation Information
Brook, A. (Ed). (2014). An introduction to philosophy and theology within catholic liberal education. McGraw-Hill Education: North Ryde, NSW