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About Angie Mejia

Adjunct Professor Angie Mejia, is a doctoral candidate in the department of sociology at Syracuse University and a in-house social researcher at El Programa Hispano in Portland, Oregon. Her research interests span immigration, mental health, ethnicity, biopolitics and citizenship. Her current work looks at U.S. Latinas experiences with depression. As a sociologist, she believes that bringing to light the lived realities of marginalized community members can help others craft alternative ways of knowing and addressing sadness in order to counteract the social impacts arising from society's pharmaceutical overfetishization of health. Using participatory action research approaches such as Photovoice, she has worked alongside with other Latinas in sharing experiences of crossing (and surviving) affective and geopolitically (in)distinguishable man-made fronteras. She sees in these visual narratives a blueprint to help us better understand our acts of survival under neoliberalism.


Present Adjunct Faculty Member, Portland State University ‐ Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Present PhD Candidate, Syracuse University ‐ Sociology
Present In-house Researcher, El Programa Hispano ‐ UNICA

Research Interests

Biopolitics, Ethnicity, mental health, and Immigration

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Contributions to Books (1)

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