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About Dr Angela Turner

Dr Angela Turner PhD(SCU); BTechEd(Hon)(SCU); Cert IV Workplace Training Assessment (Southern Cross Human Resource Development Pty Ltd)

Angela Turner is a lecturer in Design and Technology education. Her interest in educational pedagogy and psychology has informed well designed face to face and online learning experiences and assessment for higher degree students studying design and technology, design practice and management, food science and technology, nutritional science, graphic design communication, computer aided design and textile science and design.   

Angela’s research is interested in the multifaceted interactions between human agency, technology and the link between sustainable futures. Her specialist research area is defined through Technacy Genre Theory (TGT). Angela’s PhD drew on Food Education as a case example in guiding sustainable and effective teaching and learning of technological practice. While the research restricted its investigation to the context of food technology, the application of TGT is asserted to be transferrable to any research seeking to identify, clarify and develop various forms of technological practice. The research opens up the possibility of developing innovative new models of technological learning and assessment strategies across school curriculum as well as within an array of professional fields concerned with the choice and use of technologies. Angela’s current research involves design-led innovation across rural and remote school communities. Core to this includes cross-cultural food ontological framings on food science and technology, food engineering and mathematics (STEM) that support innovative interdisciplinary teaching, learning and assessment and sustainable practice.

2017: STEM in the Garden, is a Cat.2 (External) Competitive grant funded through the Department Education Communities Rural and Remote Education Networks (Lead Researcher).
2015: The CSO In‐house Inquiry: Teacher‐Led Action Research Project, a Cat. 5 (External) Competitive grant funded through the Catholic Schools Office (CSO) (Co Researcher);
2014: Reaching Out Reaching In: A school–university partnership to promote Indigenous community engagement, a Cat.5 (Internal) Competitive grant funded through the SCU School of Education Small Grants Scheme (Lead Researcher);
2013: Digital Stories: Empowering Low SES Communities to Use the Internet for Services, Education and Empowerment, a Cat.3 (External) Competitive grant funded through the Australian Consumers Communication Action Network (ACAAN) (Grant application team member);
2008-2007: Linking Desert Knowledge with Pedagogy Research for Middle School, a Cat. 2 (external) Competitive grant funded through the government funded Australian Schools Innovation in Science Technology & Mathematics (ASISTM) and Desert Knowledge Cooperative Research Centre (DKCRC) (Team Member).

Angela is a member of the Sustainability, Environment and Education (SEE) Research Cluster; Australian Institute Food Science and Technology Incorporated; Food Technology Association of Australia.

Angela has supervised and co-supervised undergraduate Hons, Masters and PhD students. She is available to supervise Honours and higher degree research students (Masters and PhD).


20152016 Faculty Member, Southern Cross Uninversity ‐ Sustainbility, Creativity and Wellbeing Academic Community
20152016 Associate Lecturer, Southern Cross University School of Education
20142016 Faculty Member, Southern Cross University Sustainability, Environment and Education
20132016 School of Business and Tourism, Southern Cross University


20042012 PhD, PhD, Southern Cross University ‐ School of Tourism and Hospitality Management
20042005 Certificate IV Workplace Training and Assessment, Workplace Trainer, Southern Cross University ‐ Certificate IV Workplace Training and Assessment
20022004 Honours, Honours, Southern Cross University ‐ Bachelor Technology Education

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School of Education
Southern Cross University
Hogbin Drive 
Coffs Harbour NSW 2450

Phone: (+61 2) 66593110


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