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Take the bus? or Get Busted?: The Relationship of “Driving while Suspended” (DWS) to the Availability of Public Bus Transportation
Criminal Justice Faculty Research
  • Phil Amerine
  • Angela Crews, Marshall University
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This presentation discusses the results of a project that examined the relationship between arrest for "driving while suspended" (DWS) and driver access to bus transportation. Seventy cases were randomly selected from all 2004 cases of license suspensions among adult drivers in Lawrence, Kansas. Drivers subsequently arrested for DWS during 2005/2006 were compared to drivers who were not in terms of access to bus transportation (distance from residence to bus stop; whether bus was operating). Other measured variables included driver sex, race, and age. Policy implications related to the prevention of DWS are discussed.


The presentation was delivered during the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences 45th Annual Meeting. American Justice: Rhetoric or Reality? which took place from March 11-15, 2008, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Amerine, P., Crews, A. "Take the bus? or get busted? The relationship of “driving while suspended” (DWS) to the availability of public bus transportation" Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences 45th Annual Meeting. Cincinnati, Ohio. 13 Mar 2008.