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On Internal Cone Cracks Induced by Conical Indentation in Brittle Materials
Engineering Fracture Mechanics
  • J. Yan, University of Delaware
  • Anette M Karlsson, Cleveland State University
  • X. Chen, Columbia University
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The conditions for cone cracks to develop due to a conical indentation are investigated. Axisymmetric numerical simulations, based on the finite element method, are conducted, assuming a linear-elastic, perfectly plastic material. A superposition scheme is employed to simulate a range of crack geometries, including various lengths and orientations. The results indicate that the class of cracks investigated is prone to develop internally in brittle materials. Based on a reversed analysis, a new technique is proposed for measuring the fracture toughness in bulk material and thick coatings through one simple indentation test when the cone crack appears.
Citation Information
Yan, J., Karlsson, A. M., and Chen, X., 2007, "On Internal Cone Cracks Induced by Conical Indentation in Brittle Materials," Engineering Fracture Mechanics, 74(16) pp. 2535-2546.