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A Simple Numerical Method of Cycle Jumps for Cyclically Loaded Structures
International Journal of Fatigue
  • D. Cojocaru, University of Delaware
  • Anette M Karlsson, Cleveland State University
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A method for accelerated numerical simulations of structures subjected to cyclic loading is investigated. Of particular interest is a class of structures where the structural properties evolve with time. The proposed method is based on conducting detailed finite element analysis for a set of cycles to establish a trend line, extrapolating the trend line spanning many cycles, and use the extrapolated state as initial state for additional FEA simulations. This includes a control function that automatically monitors the length of the cycle jump to ensure a realistic solution. We compare the proposed method to a reference calculation, where all incremental cycles are conducted, and find that the cycle jump solution replicates the true solution.
Citation Information
Cojocaru, D., and Karlsson, A. M., 2006, "A Simple Numerical Method of Cycle Jumps for Cyclically Loaded Structures," International Journal of Fatigue, 28(12) pp. 1677-1689.