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Report of the National Nutrition Survey 2004.
  • Mabel Yap
  • Ling Li Foo
  • Andy SL Tan, University of Pennsylvania
  • Ratnala Sukanya Naidu
  • Swee Ai Ng

There is currently a large body of evidence associating dietary patterns and the level of physical activity to existing health levels as well as to the risks of developing chronic diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes mellitus. With increasing affluence among the Singaporean population, significant changes in the patterns of food supply and dietary practices have taken place. As the dietary practices of Singaporeans evolve with time, it is essential to identify these key changes and to monitor the nutritional quality of Singaporean diet. This will allow the identification of important areas for further intervention in order to reduce the incidence of the above chronic diseases. With this in mind, the National Nutrition Survey (NNS) was conducted in conjunction with the National Health Survey (NHS). Previous surveys were conducted in 1993 and 1998. The main components for the NNS 2004 were the dietary practice questionnaire (DPQ) and the food frequency questionnaire (FFQ). A total of 1381 subjects participated in the DPQ.

  • Nutrition survey,
  • food frequency questionnaire,
  • dietary practices questionnaire,
  • Singapore
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Mabel Yap, Ling Li Foo, Andy SL Tan, Ratnala Sukanya Naidu, et al.. "Report of the National Nutrition Survey 2004." (2005)
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