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Outcomes of Master's Education in Nursing
International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship (2007)
  • C.E. (Betty) Cragg, University of Ottawa
  • Mary-Anne Andrusyszyn, University of Western Ontario
This qualitative, descriptive study examined changes in perspective experienced by 22 recent graduates of Master’s in Nursing programs from three Ontario universities. Participants responded to semi-structured, taped interviews and recounted personal, practice, and attitudinal changes they could attribute to completing a Master’s program in Nursing. Among outcomes were personal ones including greater self-confidence, credibility, and acuity of critical thinking. Deeper and broader world-views of the profession and health care were evident. All participants valued evidence-based practice, reporting greater use of multiple information sources. Participants communicated with other professionals on more equal terms and some described a multicultural function, translating knowledge between staff nurses and members of other disciplines. Pride in nursing and its potential for shaping health care was a recurring theme. More professional opportunities became available following Master’s studies. The outcomes of this study contribute to understanding the effects of graduate education in nursing.
  • Graduate education,
  • Education outcomes,
  • Nursing graduate education,
  • Perspective Transformation.
Publication Date
January, 2007
Citation Information
C.E. (Betty) Cragg and Mary-Anne Andrusyszyn. "Outcomes of Master's Education in Nursing" International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship Vol. 1 Iss. 1 (2007)
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