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Unsteady catalytic processes and sorption-catalytic technologies
Russian Chemical Reviews (2007)
  • Andrey N Zagoruiko

Catalytic processes that occur under conditions of the targeted unsteady state of the catalyst are considered. The highest efficiency of catalytic processes was found to be ensured by a controlled combination of thermal non-stationarity and unsteady composition of the catalyst surface. The processes based on this principle are analysed, in particular, catalytic selective reduction of nitrogen oxides, deep oxidation of volatile organic impurities, production of sulfur by the Claus process and by hydrogen sulfide decomposition, oxidation of sulfur dioxide, methane steam reforming and anaerobic combustion, selective oxidation of hydrocarbons, etc.

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Andrey N Zagoruiko. "Unsteady catalytic processes and sorption-catalytic technologies" Russian Chemical Reviews Vol. 76 Iss. 7 (2007)
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