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Management by Interruptions (mbi): Mini not Micro Management
Management Faculty Research
  • Andrew Sikula, Sr., Marshall University
  • John Sikula
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Do you want to affirmatively continue your and Tom Peters's Search for Excellence? Then practice MBI. A corollary to Ken Blanchard's idea of the One Minute Manager is the concept of Management by Interruptions (MBI). Although we do not want to overly manage the details of work, usually called micro management, we are often called upon as leaders and managers to supply frequent small segments of data and information. Mini management is good; micro management is not.

This article first appeared in the December 2007 issue of Supervision, the member magazine of the National Research Bureau, and is reprinted with permission.

©2007 National Research Bureau

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Sikula Sr., Andrew, Sikula, John. 2007. "management by interruptions (mbi): mini not micro management." Supervision 68, no. 12: 3-4