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The Blue Economy: A Great Lakes Entrepreneurship Opportunity
New York SBDC Annual Staff Training Conference (2016)
  • Andrew Delmonte
  • Dr. Susan McCartney
The SUNY Buffalo State Small Business Development Center has launched a new training program for small business entrepreneurs titled “Entrepreneurship in the Blue Economy.” In response to a deluge of new business opportunities and success stories in Western New York that combine stewardship of our water and natural resources with innovative business models, we began this six-week program to train new leaders in the blue economy. Blue economy enterprises share a common emphasis on the responsibility of businesses to their local communities and to the global environment, on the principle of “doing well by doing good,” and on the mutuality of business, society, and the environment. Hear from Andrew Delmonte and Susan McCartney of the Buffalo SBDC about how to bring the blue economy to your clients across the state.
Publication Date
May 17, 2016
Lake George, NY
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Andrew Delmonte and Susan McCartney. "The Blue Economy: A Great Lakes Entrepreneurship Opportunity" New York SBDC Annual Staff Training Conference (2016)
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