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Contribution to Book
Content and Collaboration II: Opportunities to Host, Possibilities to Publish
Library Publishing Toolkit
  • Andrew Wesolek, Utah State University
  • M Spooner, University Press of Colorado
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Contribution to Book
Allison Brown
IDS Project Press
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The integration of the Utah State University Press and USU Libraries enhanced access to scholarly materials in a variety of ways. The press utilizes USU’s institutional repository, the Digital Commons, to facilitate the open access distribution of its works subsequent to a 12-month embargo. Additionally, the collaborative environment created by shared space within the library fosters innovation. The library benefits from the extensive knowledge of the press and applies it to its nascent library-based publishing efforts. The press has also adopted some of the open access ethos prevalent in library philosophy and practices and applied it to high-quality peer-reviewed and immediately open access online scholarly works.

Entire book openly accessible here:

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Andrew Wesolek and M Spooner. "Content and Collaboration II: Opportunities to Host, Possibilities to Publish" Library Publishing Toolkit (2013)
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