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About Dr Andrew Stephanou

PhD, DipEd Melb, Laurea di Dottore in Fisica Rome
Dr Stephanou worked for the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) from 1989-2016 with responsibilities for the psychometrics and analysis of large scale examination data. This work included the preparation of random samples and equating designs, the construction and description of Rasch measurement scales, the provision of psychometric advice and explanation of measurement concepts, data analysis with a variety of software, multilevel modelling, the preparation of assessment materials and reports, and the explanation of results through high quality graphical presentations. Dr Stephanou has extensive experience in the psychometric analysis of educational achievement data and has implemented modern measurement ideas in norming studies at ACER. He authored numerous educational measurement publications and conference presentations. Currently his main interest is in educational assessment, particularly in the qualitative analysis of information in the context of Rasch measurement. The central part of his PhD thesis, “The Measurement of Conceptual Understanding in Physics” focuses on the construction of a Rasch measurement scale with phenomenographic categories.


Present Former Senior Research Fellow, Assessment and Reporting: Humanities and Social Sciences, Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)

Research Interests

Psychometrics, PAT Maths Plus, and Early Years Diagnostic Assessment of English

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