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Constructing Carmichael numbers through improved subset-product algorithms
Mathematics of Computation (2014)
  • W.R. Alford
  • Jon Grantham
  • Steven Hayman
  • Andrew Shallue
We have constructed a Carmichael number with 10,333,229,505 prime factors, and have also constructed Carmichael numbers with  prime factors for every  between 3 and 19,565,220. These computations are the product of implementations of two new algorithms for the subset product problem that exploit the non-uniform distribution of primes with the property that  divides a highly composite .
  • subset sum,
  • Carmichael numbers
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First published in Mathematics of Computation, volume 83, published by the American Mathematical Society
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W.R. Alford, Jon Grantham, Steven Hayman and Andrew Shallue. "Constructing Carmichael numbers through improved subset-product algorithms" Mathematics of Computation Vol. 83 Iss. 286 (2014) p. 899 - 915
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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons CC_BY-NC-ND International License.