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Social Attitudes and Animals
  • Harold Herzog, Western Carolina University
  • Andrew N. Rowan, The Humane Society of the United States
  • Daniel Kossow, Tufts University
Document Type
Book Chapter
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This chapter is an overview of the attitudes of Americans toward the treatment and moral status of nonhuman animals. We discuss problems of attitude assessment, the social psychology of attitudes toward animals, and the complex relationship between attitudes and behavior. We also review changes in attitudes toward animals over the past fifty years and current public opinion regarding a variety of issues related to animal welfare.
Citation Information
Herzog, H., Rowan, A., & Kossow, D. (2001). Social attitudes and animals. In D.J. Salem & A.N. Rowan (Eds.), The state of the animals 2001 (pp. 55-69). Washington, DC: Humane Society Press.