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Characterization of Structured Nanomaterials using Terahertz Frequency Radiation
  • Andrew Niklas, Wright State University
Measurements that use terahertz frequency radiation to characterize materials are beneficial for scientists trying to determine the physical parameters that govern the interaction of electromagnetic waves and matter at those frequencies. Results will be presented of time domain terahertz spectroscopy measurements taken in forward and backward scattering directions from vertically aligned arrays of multi‐walled carbon nanotubes and thin films of perforated copper. The intent of this research is to both corroborate results from independent research groups conducting similar experiments and to further increase understanding in the scientific community with respect to carbon nanotube reflection phenomena at terahertz frequencies.
  • THZ,
  • Terahertz
Publication Date
Summer August, 2012
Citation Information
Andrew Niklas. "Characterization of Structured Nanomaterials using Terahertz Frequency Radiation" (2012)
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