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Monkee Business: The Musical and Commercial Revolution of the 1960s
American Popular Culture Seminar (2014)
  • Andrew T Murphree, Liberty University

Very few bands in the history of American popular music possess a more captivating story of rapid ascension to commercial acclaim than that of The Monkees, an American rock band that was brought together in 1966 by executives at Screen Gems, a division of Columbia Pictures. Originally conceived for the purpose of a television show that followed the everyday life of four young musicians aspiring to become the next Beatles, their artificial construction as a band represented their primary purpose as a commercial venture as opposed to a traditional artistic endeavor. While The Monkees rose to success as a merchandising powerhouse in the late 1960s, they also managed to carve out a considerable niche in popular culture, creating a unique musical sound and fan following that would, at times, rival the successes of The Beatles themselves.

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Publication Date
Winter 2014
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Andrew T Murphree. "Monkee Business: The Musical and Commercial Revolution of the 1960s" American Popular Culture Seminar (2014)
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