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Taxonomic revision of true morels (Morchella) in Canada and the United States
Mycologia (2012)
  • Michael Kuo, Eastern Illinois University
  • Damon R. Dewsbury, University of Toronto
  • Kerry O'Donnell
  • M. Carol Carter
  • John David Moore, Eastern Illinois University
  • Stephen A. Renner
  • Jean-Marc Moncalvo, University of Toronto
  • Stephen A. Canfield, Eastern Illinois University
  • Steven L. Stephenson, University of Arkansas
  • Andrew S. Methven, Eastern Illinois University
  • Thomas J. Volk
Recent molecular phylogenetic studies have revealed the existence of at least 50 species of Morchella worldwide and demonstrated a high degree of continental endemism within the genus. Here we describe 19 phylogenetic species of Morchella from North America, 14 of which are new (M. diminutiva, M. virginiana, M. esculentoides, M. prava, M. cryptica, M. frustrata, M. populiphila, M. sextelata, M. septimelata, M. capitata, M. importuna, M. snyderi, M. brunnea and M. septentrionalis). Existing species names (M. rufobrunnea, M. tomentosa, M. punctipes and M. angusticeps) are applied to four phylogenetic species, and formal description of one species (M. sp. "Mel-8") is deferred pending study of additional material. Methods for assessing morphological features in Morchella are delineated, and a key to the known phylogenetic species of Morchella in North America is provided. Type studies of M. crassistipa, M. hotsonii, M. angusticeps and M. punctipes are provided. Morchella crassistipa is designated nomen dubium.
  • Ascospore,
  • identification key,
  • Morchellaceae,
  • morels,
  • morphology,
  • North America,
  • pits,
  • taxonomy
Publication Date
April, 2012
Citation Information
Michael Kuo, Damon R. Dewsbury, Kerry O'Donnell, M. Carol Carter, et al.. "Taxonomic revision of true morels (Morchella) in Canada and the United States" Mycologia Vol. 104 Iss. 5 (2012)
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