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Unpublished Paper
Establishment of Perennial Groundcovers for Maize-Based Bioenergy Production Systems
Farm Progress Reports
  • Cynthia Bartel, Iowa State University
  • Chumki Banik, Iowa State University
  • Andrew Lenssen, Iowa State University
  • Kenneth Moore, Iowa State University
Publication Year
Northern Research and Demonstration Farm
As part of the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) of 2007, a revised Renewable Fuels Standard mandates the use of 36 billion gallons of renewable fuels by 2022, 16 billion gallons of which would be derived from cellulosic biofuels. Crop residue, including maize stover, from eligible lands was included as a feedstock for cellulosic biofuels production in the EISA, increasing economic incentives for maize corn stover removal. There exists, however, natural resources-related constraints for the removal of maize stover in maize-based production systems. Maize stover removal can enhance erosion, deplete soil organic matter and other nutrients, impacting the health of land and water resources external to specific operations.
Citation Information
Cynthia Bartel, Chumki Banik, Andrew Lenssen and Kenneth Moore. "Establishment of Perennial Groundcovers for Maize-Based Bioenergy Production Systems" (2017)
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