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About Andrew J. Kerkhoff

Drew Kerkhoff joined Kenyon's faculty in both mathematics and biology in 2005, after earning a postdoc at the University of Arizona. He is a quantitative ecologist whose research interests include scaling theory and allometry, the functional and phylogenetic components of biodiversity, and the evolution, biogeography, and ecology of plant-herbivore interactions. He focuses primarily on plant communities and has been fortunate enough to conduct fieldwork in New Mexico, Arizona, Costa Rica, Colorado, Mexico, and now Ohio.
Since arriving at Kenyon, Kerkhoff has developed further interests in the ecology and physiology of caterpillars, and has developed an extensive collaboration with other faculty studying metabolic scaling in the tobacco hornworm. As an educator, he is also interested in improving the mathematical component of education in ecology and evolution, and increasing public understanding of the science behind evolutionary theory and ecological issues.


Present Associate Professor of Biology, Kenyon College

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P: (740) 427-5734
Higley Hall 301


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