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The Information Vending Machine
Business Horizons
  • Andrew C. Gross, Cleveland State University
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In today's world, business information is becoming the most-needed resource. It may be information about a competitor, or the state of the economy, or something that at first may seem completely unrelated; but decision makers have found that they can't fly by the seats of their pants anymore, and information is their flight map. To find that information, these savvy business leaders turn to the information vending machine. Not the type of machine from which you can buy soft drinks and candy, this machine is really composed of the companies that deliver information through the computer, or in the mail, or in person--however the customer wants it. Entrepreneurs searching for an undiscovered niche could do worse than to enter this industry. Informational activities are increasing in all types of business, and the types of information needed are growing all the time as well. This article will look at those trends and suggest some marketing strategies for those entering this fast-growing industry.
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Gross, A. (1988). The information vending machine. Business Horizons, 31(1), 24-33. doi:10.1016/0007-6813(88)90037-7