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About Andrew G. West

I am Andrew G. West, a Sr. Research Scientist at Verisign Labs (Verisign, Inc.) in the greater Washington D.C. area. I completed my Ph.D. at the University of Pennsylvania in 2013, received my M.S.E. from Penn in 2010, and finished my B.Sc. at Washington & Lee University in 2007.
My recent work at Verisign Labs has emphasized: (1) Understanding and incentivizing domain name registration trends, (2) analyzing the role of network endpoints in malware and privacy disclosures, and (3) applying big data techniques to Internet-scale quantification problems. Moving forward, I will further leverage Verisign's network and security data utilizing my expertise/interest in reputation management, applied machine learning, metadata analysis, email/Web 2.0 abuse, underground economies, behavioral profiling, and Internet virality. This skill set is demonstrated across 35+ peer-review publications and a research philosophy that strives to synthesize academic results into actionable business decisions.
Prior to Verisign, my dissertation research investigated security in "open collaboration" applications. I examined how user-generated content and collaborative semantics change how spam and other abuses manifest and can be detected. This yielded tools still in popular use, notably "STiki", a tool that has been used to remove 700,000+ damaging revisions from Wikipedia. Popular media outlets such as the Chronicle of Higher Education and Gizmodo have recognized my contributions, and I remain an active volunteer in the Wikipedia community. -- my professional website has my full C.V., recent news, and enumerates my academic and professional involvement.
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Present MSE 2010, University of Pennsylvania
Present Ph.D. 2013, University of Pennsylvania

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