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The 1031 Exchange Handbook: A Complete Guide for Legal, Accounting, Financial and Real Estate Professionals
  • Andrew G Ogden
The 1031 Exchange Handbook provides working professionals in law, accounting, finance and real estate with a practical guide and complete reference source to like-kind exchanges. The 1031 Exchange Handbook concisely covers all topics necessary to understand like-kind exchanges of real estate and personal property, with references and explanations of all relevant cases, federal and state statutes, and IRS regulations, rulings and procedures. The 1031 Exchange Handbook also specifically explains how to structure and execute all types of exchanges, and procedures to guarantee the security of funds held by exchange facilitators. Although written for working professionals, readers with limited exchange experience will find this book to be an understandable introduction to this complex topic.
  • exchange,
  • like-kind,
  • tax deferred,
  • 1031
Publication Date
The 1031 Education Center
Citation Information
Andrew G. Ogden, The 1031 Exchange Handbook (1st Ed. 2009)