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About Andrew G. Fountain

I am interested in understanding the basic physical laws that control processes on the Earth’s surface. Although a wide variety of topics interest me, my focus is on ice, particularly glacier ice. My background in the subject started with ice crystals in the atmosphere, became grounded in lake ice, switched to sea ice, and then I found a job….in glaciers. I’ve remained there ever since. My research is devoted to the problem of water and glaciers, and the variation of glaciers with climate. I am glad to have found this niche because it affords me the pleasure of collaborating with some great people in a close community of scientists. In many ways the culture of glaciology is unique among the sciences and I feel very lucky to be in this field.


Present Professor, Portland State University Geology
Professor, Portland State University Geography

Research Interests

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Contact Information

Portland State University
Department of Geology
Room 17 Cramer Hall
1721 SW Broadway
Portland, OR 97201
TEL: 503.725.3386


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