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Technology applications in foodservice purchasing: A primer for foodservice marketers
Journal of Foodservice Marketing (1999)
  • Andrew H. Feinstein, San Jose State University
  • J. M. Stefanelli, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
This paper discusses the implementation and use of several forms of technology within the foodservice purchasing environment that assist in the management of information. This paper was completed in an effort to provide foodservice marketers insight into technological applications that can affect their marketing efforts. The article focuses primarily on the most influential technological components used by foodservice operators, distributors, and suppliers in the selection and procurement of food products. It also notes Internet applications and other on-line forms of communication in foodservice purchasing. The methods chosen for this study were: (1) an informative and descriptive literature review; and (2) interviews with executives of prominent foodservice organizations. It was concluded that current technology can allow foodservice marketers to receive, assess, and provide vital foodservice purchasing information quickly and effectively
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Andrew H. Feinstein and J. M. Stefanelli. "Technology applications in foodservice purchasing: A primer for foodservice marketers" Journal of Foodservice Marketing Vol. 3 Iss. 2 (1999)
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