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The Role of Nongovernmental Organizations in African Public Policy
African Social Science Review
  • Andrew I. E. Ewoh, Prairie View A&M University
The emergence of nongovernmental organizations over the past three decades has been a positive addition to the political mix and public policy processes in Africa. Indeed, the proliferation of NGOs relationship with states in Africa can pave the way for increased governmental responsiveness and accountability. The analysis suggests that NGOs can be more effective in influencing public policy if they become aware of the policy environment and move away from a project orientation to a mobilization of other policy actors. Also, they must go beyond individual agendas and long-established roles to identify some emerging approaches to local development and resource management, which will increase their capacities for innovative political action favorable for participatory development.
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Andrew I. E. Ewoh. "The Role of Nongovernmental Organizations in African Public Policy" (2002)
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