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Agency Heads’ Assessments of Sunset Review in Texas, USA
International Review of Public Administration (1997)
  • Andrew I.E. Ewoh, Kennesaw State University

What type of change results from the sunset review process as an oversight instrument of accountability in government? Using data from a recent survey, this research develops a model for examining sunset changes. The research shows that there is a significant relationship between the outcome of sunset review and the type of recommendations adopted by the legislature. Moreover, agency age, legislative floor debates, and the level of board/commission decision making are important predictors of whether the agency is reestablished. Other results suggest that an agency with more influence and constituency support would easily resist change. Also, agencies that apply a select number of control mechanisms in the service delivery areas of the agencies" missions are more likely to survive. The article calls for a more sophisticated understanding of the sunset review process to enhance the appreciation of its strengths and weaknesses as a change mechanism in the public sector.

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Andrew I.E. Ewoh. "Agency Heads’ Assessments of Sunset Review in Texas, USA" International Review of Public Administration Vol. 2 Iss. 1 (1997)
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