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About Andrew Blitman

I am a published author, educator, and blogger with a wide array of skills and experiences. I established myself by writing about philosophy, science, human nature, and the relationships between these things. In May 2012, I launched my blog and personal website, "The Written Blit" (, to serve as a database for such knowledge. Though I will not use my profile as a philosophy pulpit, I will use this section to impart my core beliefs.
As a person, I believe that we as individuals can only - and must - improve ourselves by constantly challenging our limitations and the "status quo". As a philosopher, I believe that we must become our ideal selves through highly-contemplated and righteous thoughts, words, and actions. As a world citizen, I have made it my mission to ensure that my thoughts, words, and actions are aligned with my professional work.
Such consistency is my utmost guarantee. Integrity is the way that I do business. As an author and blogger, I use everything I write to tell readers why they must have these virtues. As a tutor, I always tell my students that they must have similar morals inside and outside of the classroom - a valuable lesson I took to heart during my college experience at the University of Miami.
Thank you for visiting my BePress profile. I encourage you to explore it. Be adventurous. Be enthusiastic. Be honest. Drop me a line, since I know I will leave you hooked!
-Andrew Blitman


Present Certified Climate Change Communicator, Cooper Fellowship, University of Miami
Present Founder, "Andrew Blitman Tutoring", University of Miami
Present Founder, "The Written Blit", University of Miami

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  • Cooper Fellow (Certified Climate Change Communicator)
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  • Provost's Honor Roll
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