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Can Infopipes Facilitate Reuse in a Traffic Application?
Computer Science Faculty Publications and Presentations
  • Emerson Murphy-Hill, Portland State University
  • Chuan-kai Lin, Portland State University
  • Andrew P. Black, Portland State University
  • Jonathan Walpole, Portland State University
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  • Traffic flow -- Measurement,
  • Traffic engineering -- Data processing,
  • Traffic flow -- Evaluation,
  • Streaming technology (Telecommunications)
Infopipes are presented as reusable building blocks for streaming applications. To evaluate this claim, we have built a significant traffic application in Smalltalk using Infopipes. This poster presents a traffic problem and solution, a short introduction to Infopipes, and the types of reuse Infopipes facilitate in our implementation.

A poster delivered at the Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages and Applications (OOPSLA) 2005 conference, held in San Diego, California, in OCtober 2005.

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"Can Infopipes Facilitate Reuse in a Traffic Application?" Emerson Murphy-Hill, Chuan-kai Lin, Andrew Black and Jonathan Walpole, (poster), OOPSLA, San Diego, California, October 2005.