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About Dr. Andrew Monroe

Dr. Andrew Monroe is an expert in moral psychology whose research focuses on how people make moral judgments, and how social factors—such as, power, groups, values, and politics—affect the way people express moral judgments.  

His current research focuses on answering four questions: (1) How do people make moral judgments, and what predicts when these judgments are biased versus accurate and adaptive? (2) How do social influences (e.g., power, politics, accountability) affect people’s decisions to express or conceal their moral judgments? (3) What role do moral values play in motivating and explaining prejudice and opposition to social justice movements? (4) How do beliefs about free will affect moral behavior and moral judgment?  

He teaches courses in social psychology, contemporary issues and moral psychology, and also operates the Morality and Social Cognition Lab in Appalachian's Department of Psychology.

Areas of Expertise
Moral psychology
Information processing
Free will
Moral values
Political psychology
Behavior explanation


Present Assistant Professor, Appalachian State University Department of Psychology

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Honors and Awards

  • Appalachian State University Richard N. Henson Outstanding Advisor Award, 2016


  • PSY 4655 Contemporary Issues in Psychology
  • PSY 3530 Moral Psychology
  • PSY 3213 Social Psychology


2012 Ph.D., Brown University ‐ Psychology
2007 M.S., Illinois State University ‐ Psychology
2005 B.S., Illinois State University ‐ Psychology and Economics

Contact Information
828-262-2272, ext. 431

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