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Tracing Addai (2018) HD Torrent Putlocker
movie (2022)
  • Andrew Lapesigue

Tracing Addai (2018) HD Torrent Putlocker

Year: 2018.
Country: Germany.
Genre: Documentary, Animation, Short.
Writer: Esther Niemeier, Sarah-Christin Peter, Britta Strampe.
Actors: Benito Bause, Kais Setti.
Description: Tracing Addai is a short starring Benito Bause and Kais Setti. A true story about a war and the tragic impact it has on the lives of three people.

Tags: Tracing Addai Download.
Publication Date
Spring June 6, 2022
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Andrew Lapesigue. "Tracing Addai (2018) HD Torrent Putlocker" movie (2022)
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