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A Horny Dilemma: Sex and Friendship Between Students and Professors
College Sex – Philosophy for Everyone: Philosophers With Benefits
  • Andrew Kania, Trinity University
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Contribution to Book
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Few people would think it odd if they saw Pat, a philosophy professor at a small liberal arts college, having lunch in the dining hall with Sam, an undergraduate student in one of Pat's classes. Many might pause for thought, however, if they saw Pat and Sam having dinner at a fancy restaurant downtown. And if they found out the next day that the couple had gone back to Pat's place and made love all night long, most would be scandalized. To be told that it was not a one night stand, that Pat and Sam were in a long-term relationship, would do little to allay most people's concern. What is it, though, that people find scandalous about sexual relationships between professors and their students? Are these reasons good reasons, or merely prudish prejudice?
Michael Bruce, Robert M. Stewart
Citation Information
Kania, A. (2010). A horny dilemma: Sex and friendship between students and professors. In M. Bruce & R. M. Stewart (Eds.), College sex – Philosophy for everyone: Philosophers with benefits (pp. 117-130). Chichester, United Kingdom: Wiley-Blackwell.