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Unpublished Paper
Determinants of Chilean youth voter registration: Evidence for the Biobio region
  • Andres A. Acuña
Youth voter registration is a worldwide phenomenon that exhibits a marked decline over the last two decades. On this basis, this paper presents evidence regarding those factors that determine the voter registration of Chilean youth, in particular, the inhabitants of Biobio region. In addition, it presents a microeconomic model for the voter registration decision, which enables to derive an empirical expression that can be estimated and tested. This empirical expression is coherent with the model proposed by Silberman and Durden (1975), which considers a relationship between voter registration and several social/economic variables. The model is estimated using a dynamic panel for the Biobio region, which includes its 54 municipalities and 10 planning territories for the years 2003 and 2009. The results indicate that, at municipality level, the main determinants of youth voter registration are citizen participation and poverty rates, while ethnic aspects are also affecting female voter registration, and only citizen participation rate has some influence over male voter registration. Finally, at territory level, the results show that citizen participation rate is a cross determinant of youth voter registration in the Biobio region.
  • citizen participation,
  • panel data,
  • unobserved effects model,
  • voter registration
Publication Date
November 17, 2011
Citation Information
Acuña, A. A. (2011). Determinants of Chilean youth voter registration: Evidence for the Bio Bio region. MPRA Paper No. 34746, unpublished.