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Mexico: Democratic Transition and Beyond
Politics in the Developing World (2010)
  • Andreas Schedler
For most of the twentieth century, Mexico was ruled by a broadly inclusive hegemonic party seeking to ratify its monopoly hold on power through controlled, non-competitive elections at all levels. In contrast to much of the literature, this chapter presents Mexico’s post-revolutionary political system not as a regime sui generis—a unique, idiosyncratic form of authoritarianism—but rather as a prototypical case of ‘electoral authoritarianism’. Similarly, it interprets the country’s recent trajectory of regime change not as a transition sui generis—as a unique, idiosyncratic path to democracy—but instead as a prototypical case of ‘democratization by elections’.
  • Mexico,
  • democratic transition,
  • democratic consolidation,
  • regime change
Publication Date
Peter Burnell, Vicky Randall, and Lise Rakner
Oxford University Press
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Andreas Schedler. "Mexico: Democratic Transition and Beyond" 3OxfordPolitics in the Developing World (2010)
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