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Thermochronology and Thermobarometry in Lithotectonic Zones in Eastern New England
  • Andrea M. Koziol
  • Robert Wintsch, Indiana University
Eastern New England is now recognized to consist of a number of exotic terranes joined to ancestral North America along large faults. However, the timing of the accretion of these terranes is in a state of flux. This project will gather thermometric and barometric data from both sides of these terrane bounding faults and together with existing age determinations will assess the possibility of major Alleghenian motion, not previously recognized. Results have the potential to provide a major re-interpretation of the timing of terrane accretion in New England.
Publication Date
May, 1991
Dr. Koziol was the co-principal investigator for this research project. This project received funding from the National Science Foundation's Division of Earth Sciences from May 1991 to October 1993 for the amount of $134,458.00. The abstract number is 9104495.

Citation Information
Andrea M. Koziol and Robert Wintsch. "Thermochronology and Thermobarometry in Lithotectonic Zones in Eastern New England" (1991)
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