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Louisiana Matrimonial Regimes: Cases and Materials
  • Andrea B. Carroll, Louisiana State University Law Center
  • Katherin Shaw Spaht
Louisiana Matrimonial Regimes is designed to explore the features of the community property regime, often lauded as one of the most beautiful and significant achievements of the civil law tradition. The community property regime is widely accepted as the marital property regime of choice for an astonishing number of countries, including France, Germany, Spain, Brazil, and countless others. Even on American soil, where the common law tradition has generally been favored over that of the civil law, the community regime has gained significant sway. Nine of our states have rejected the English-inspired marital property regime in favor of the community. This book invites the reader to study the details of Louisiana's regime of patrimonial rights and duties between husband and wife, and also to consider comparisons with the matrimonial regimes of other civilian and Anglo-American systems.
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Vandeplas Publishing
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Andrea B. Carroll and Katherin Shaw Spaht. Louisiana Matrimonial Regimes: Cases and Materials. (2009)
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