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Collaboration and Co-Teaching for English Learners: A Leader's Guide
  • Andrea Honigsfeld
  • Maria Dove, Ed.D.
The Common Core State Standards have increased the pressure on English Language Learners. And with the EL population increasing every day, schools need proven systems for ensuring that the students of the future are able to thrive.
In practice, this is a challenge for educational leaders. The most promising solution is the collaborative approach pioneered by this book’s authors—America’s leading authorities on collaboration and co-teaching for EL achievement.
Honigsfeld and Dove’s resources for collaboration and co-teaching include
  • Templates for creating EL profiles that will enable you to address their unique  needs
  • Prompts for Professional Learning activities (for teams or individuals) and further reading
  • The latest research findings on best instructional practices that benefit ELs
This is your concise, comprehensive guide to creating a powerful collaborative program to benefit your ELs. Start implementing it today and watch the outcomes improve.
Publication Date
Corwin Press
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Andrea Honigsfeld and Maria Dove. Collaboration and Co-Teaching for English Learners: A Leader's Guide. (2014)
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