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Prevention Through Political Agreements: The Community of Sant'Egidio and the Central African Republic
Preventing Mass Atrocities: Policies and Practices (2019)
  • Andrea Bartoli, Ph.D., Seton Hall University
  • Mauro Garofalo
What can be done, in practice, to warn about and organize political action to prevent genocide and mass atrocities, and to respond to them after they have begun? All the contributors to this volume are either experts or practitioners, often both, who have contributed in substantial ways to analyzing high risk situations, recommending preventive politics and actions, and in several instances helping to organize remedial actions. Whereas current literature often focuses on the theory of the prevention of genocide, this book explores what can be done, and has been done, in real-world situations. Unlike some existing works of advocacy, recommendations and actions are grounded in a generation of experience, based on solid historical, comparative, and empirical research and with a grounding in quantitative methods. The volume examines historical cases to understand the general causes and processes of mass violence and genocide, and engages with on-going genocidal crises including Darfur and Syria, as well as other forms of related violence such as terrorism and civil conflict.
  • Genocide,
  • Prevention,
  • Crimes against humanity,
  • Humanitarian intervention,
  • International relations
Publication Date
Barbara Harff and Ted Robert Gurr
Routledge studies in genocide and crimes against humanity
Citation Information
Andrea Bartoli and Mauro Garofalo. "Prevention Through Political Agreements: The Community of Sant'Egidio and the Central African Republic" New YorkPreventing Mass Atrocities: Policies and Practices (2019)
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