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Governo dos Corpos e Escola Contemporânea: Pedagogia do Fitness
Educação e Realidade (2009)
  • Andre de Macedo Duarte
  • Maria Rita de Assis César
The article investigates the school’s contemporary new role under the light of Foucaultian concepts such as biopolitcs and governamentality, and the Deleuzian notion of control society. We analyze modern school as a privileged disciplinary institution and its contemporary crisis is focalized by the notion of control pedagogy, with which we evaluate recent educational reforms that have started shaping the school’s new role in the present. Finally, we approach a very recent phenomenon that we title as ‘fitness pedagogy’, in order to enlighten the school’s new role in the application of public policies which aim at producing a thin and healthy body in the context of fighting infantile obesity.
  • Biopolitics. Governamentality. Control. Body. Education
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Andre de Macedo Duarte and Maria Rita de Assis César. "Governo dos Corpos e Escola Contemporânea: Pedagogia do Fitness" Educação e Realidade Vol. 34 (2009)
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