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Heidegger e o pensamento contemporâneo da comunidade: para uma hermenêutica ontológica do ser-em-comum
Ek-stasis (2012)
  • Andre de Macedo Duarte
The article discusses some theoretical relations between certain theses formulated by Jean-Luc Nancy and Roberto Esposito concerning the being of the community and what could be called as Heidegger’s ontological hermeneutics of being-together, incipiently elaborated between the period of Being and Time and the early thirties. In a first moment, after discussing Heidegger’s politicization of some of Being and Time existentials in his texts of the beginning of the 30’s decade, we formulate the hypothesis that Heidegger’s thought of the community is not compatible with nazi racism, although there are some political pronunciations of the early 30’s where he himself established some links between his philosophical thought and that ideology. Frequently, such links are related to his own first interpretation of Nietzsche’s concept of the will, understood at that very moment as a main influence towards the revolution of the German people’s fate. In the second half of the text, we discuss both the appropriation and the criticisms formulated by Nancy and Esposito concerning Heidegger’s thought of togetherness. On the one hand, both authors have elaborated their own conceptions of the community by drawing upon Heidegger’s understanding of existence as being a finite and common ex-position. On the other hand, however, both Nancy and Esposito were also critically aware of Heidegger’s incapacity to achieve his own conception of togetherness beyond any form of ontological determination, a failure that lead to his brief commitment with nazism. Key-words: Heidegger; Jean-Luc Nancy; Roberto Esposito; thought of the community; ontological hermeneutics of the community; national-socialism.
  • Heidegger,
  • comunidade,
  • pensamento contemporâneo,
  • hermenêutica,
  • política,
  • história
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Andre de Macedo Duarte. "Heidegger e o pensamento contemporâneo da comunidade: para uma hermenêutica ontológica do ser-em-comum" Ek-stasis Vol. 1 Iss. 1 (2012)
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