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Manufactured Home Parks: NORCs Awaiting Discovery
Journal of Housing For The Elderly
  • Andrée Tremoulet, Portland State University
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  • Mobile home parks -- Older people -- Oregon,
  • Housing for the Elderly,
  • Older people -- Housing -- United States
This paper examines manufactured home parks as a type of naturally occurring retirement community and considers the potential for adding social service programs (NORC-SSP) to enable further aging in place. An analysis of six focus group interviews with 48 residents found that the physical and social environment promoted a sense of safety and community, and that this housing option was an intentional lifestyle choice. Risks included the possibility of bad management and park closure. Manufactured home parks were found to offer an attractive option for exploring a NORC-SSP model that builds on residents' assets and community capacity.

This is an Author's Original Manuscript of an article whose final and definitive form, the Version of Record, has been published in the Journal of Housing For the Elderly, 2010. Copyright Taylor & Francis.

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Andrée Tremoulet. "Manufactured Home Parks: NORCs Awaiting Discovery" Journal of Housing For The Elderly (2010)
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