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Self-Regulation or Self-Direction? An Investigation of Learner Personality
International Self-Directed Learning Symposium (ISDLS) (2012)
  • Jeral Kirwan, University of Tennessee - Knoxville
  • Becky C. Smeltzer, University of Tennessee - Knoxville
  • Jeffrey Beard, University of Tennessee - Knoxville
  • Andi Damewood, University of Tennessee - Knoxville

This paper examines self-regulated learning (SRL) as a personality trait; that is, as a relatively enduring, trans-situational, dispositional attribute of individual learners. We first review our rationale for doing so, then present of empirical findings that illuminate the nomological network and construct validity of SRL.

  • SDL,
  • SRL,
  • Self-Directed Learning,
  • Self-Regulated Learning,
  • Adult Learning
Publication Date
February 9, 2012
Citation Information
Jeral Kirwan, Becky C. Smeltzer, Jeffrey Beard and Andi Damewood. "Self-Regulation or Self-Direction? An Investigation of Learner Personality" International Self-Directed Learning Symposium (ISDLS) (2012)
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