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You've Got News: A Permission-Marketing Model Using Sponsored Electronic Newsletters
WCOB Faculty Publications
  • Anca C. Micu, Sacred Heart University
  • Clyde H. Bentley, Missouri School of Journalism
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Conference Proceeding
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A model is proposed for ISP customers to receive sponsored electronic newsletters in exchange for a discount on the Internet fee. In the model, both online newspapers and ISPs receive fees from the advertisers while the end consumer pays less for the Internet connection. Advertisers gain by sending better-targeted messages through an accepted medium. In addition to collecting part of the advertising fees, the ISPs increase their customer base by offering an incentive as well as value-added services. Adherence to the model appeared to vary with gender, age, and attitude toward e-mail marketing.

At the time of publication Anca Micu was a doctoral student at the Missouri School of Journalism, University of Missouri.

Citation Information
Micu, Anca C. and Clyde H. Bentley. "You've Got News: A Permission-Marketing Model Using Sponsored Electronic Newsletters." 5th International Symposium on Online Journalism. Austin, Texas: Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas, 2004.